How are case studies used in psychology?

What is a case study?

Case studies are investigations that deal with a person, group, or community. They are widely used in psychology. In psychology, they are normally used to learn about a person’s behavior. They provide analysis of topics by using questionnaires, interviews, and observation to collect data. Case studies help researchers understand how the human brain works.

A lot of researchers employ case studies in their research, for example, the Humanistic and Psychodynamic approach. Although a case study is known to provide a lot of information and evidence about a certain case, a writer can always be biased when writing. Sometimes information in a certain piece may not match the data in that another piece. This, therefore, means that the content in a case study is unreliable at certain times.

This means that they are not proof of any psychological theory, but they can be used as references when explaining an idea. They must be used ethically. Sometimes the items are flawed or have missing information, and it may be risky to add them in your research. But all in all, case studies are quite useful. In psychology, they could be used to conclude. The case studies can be used to complete a person’s behavior. For example, the Behaviorist approach explains why certain individuals behave, whether their conduct is hereditary or biological.

In writing a case study of your assignment, it is advised that one finds an objective. The objective helps one pick out a thesis topic. Determine a logical issue to use. Then it is required for the tone to find a subject for their case study. Ensure the person is willing to work with you not to be sued for going against a person’s will. Select a set of questions for your interview and draft them out for your subject. Then one can easily start writing the item and publish it and promote it.

The format used in most case studies is the APA format because then it may easier for one to explain where they picked up their references. When dealing with an objective, one may focus on the major problems affecting human beings, for example, bipolar disorder. Then it is easier to decide that your case study will deal with how to deal with people suffering from mental disease and how it can be treated.

In finding a subject, you may contact someone who suffers from a mental issue. But remember that you have their consent in the matter. You must fill in the subject’s details like their name, age, sex, family background, and academic history. How do they deal with the issue? What problems do they face? You are required to write how life is in the subject’s shoes. Then make your conclusions on how to deal with the matter.

Remember not to keep the case study too biased because it may be irrelevant for other people to use it again. Ethically, it is required for someone qualified only to conduct a case study for their patients. Make sure your case study follows the government's regulations.

With all that said, one can easily see how important a case study id in psychology.

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