The Best Tactics for Paraphrasing an Essay

The Relevance of Paraphrasing

Writing is a practice that borrows from other people's work. However, the author doesn't transfer the entire text in its original form but must comprehend the message or thought and put it in their words. This whole process of reading and rewording and restructuring that is part of every writing process is paraphrasing. You have been doing it in all of your essays. Sometimes it is a straightforward process, but in other instances, it becomes problematic.

Therefore, paraphrasing is an integral part of the entire writing process, which is hard to escape. All writers ought to know the appropriate paraphrasing procedures to produce ideal results. Given the importance of uniqueness, one cannot risk being repetitive and copy another person’s work in its original format.

How to Paraphrase an Essay

A smart and great essay is one that voices the writer's intention. And you can hardly do this when you have numerous instances of quoted sentences in your article that are borrowed and not paraphrased. Sure, it is crucial to have some quotes in your paper, but too many can make your paper sound redundant, leaving no space for your words. This way, your essay will be a big quote and miss your voice. It will be a composition that possesses mostly borrowed data. You don't what this, do you? Remember, your assignment is to compose a paper and not copy and quote contents. Therefore, you need to learn the right way of paraphrasing to put your voice in your writing and sound authentic. How do you accomplish this?

  • Read thoroughly: The only way you can comprehend the author's intent is by reading the entire passage until you grasp the concept. You have to do this even if it means doing it multiple times.
  • Pick your main idea: After getting the main thought to pick from the sentence, you can isolate it and start planning how you will structure a new sentence. Remember that you do not have to choose everything from the passage, but only the essential things that will give your article great content.
  • Write your paraphrase while concealing the source: Hide your article's source and write your sentence. Ascertain that you restructure it to sound original. If the author wrote the passive form sentence, you could do it in the active form.
  • Check out examples: If you are still stuck and do not know the best way to approach the paraphrasing process, you can check out classic examples that will give you a great guide.

Integral Things to Keep in Mind

The only way that you can maintain the original meaning in your paraphrased sentence is by including key points and subpoints from the original sentence. Use these points to write using your words and create a unique sentence structure. If you do everything appropriately, you will have a unique section that preserves the original meaning. Don't forget to cite the source; it still counts to eliminate any instance of plagiarism in your work.

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